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The GDPR Simple Guide...

This new publication is designed to 'fill the gap' between giving school staff only a limited amount of information about the GDPR and giving them an overwhelming amount of detail that may not be relevant to them.


The booklet is A6 size and has twelve pages of key information, including


- the GDPR : what it is, where it came from

- what it means to our school

- expectations of teachers and support staff

- analysing risks

- understanding my responsibilities

- key terminology in the GDPR

- dealing with data breaches

- the legal framework

- what if I get it wrong ?

... and much more


These booklets are available in bundles, priced as follows :


Bundle of 10 Copies at £25.00

Bundle of 25 Copies at £45.00

Bundle of 50 Copies at £80.00

Bundle of 100 Copies at £125.00


Prices quoted are excluding VAT and postage (20% and £3.50)


You can order your bundle here :

Bundle Size
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