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Assessment, Marking, ASP 2019 and Y4 Tests in 2020...

This new one day course comprises four (4) key aspects :

          - the 2019 ASP and the new data sets

          - planning for the 2020 Year 4 Multiplication Tests

          - marking and feedback : what is effective ? is less more ?

          - assessment : formative assessment in practice



Analyse School Performance

The DfE and OFSTED have announced that Analyse School Performance in 2019 will include progress and achievement indicators for a four year period.


As 2019 will bring about the fourth year of the new testing and performance measures, the new approach will also allow schools to effectively analyse the data over all 4 years - identifying trends and issues relevant to the school.


We will provide support for schools in accessing this years data, as well as becoming familiar with all the tools they have access to.


The course will take participants through the updated data tool, allowing them to identify (and become

familiar with) the tools  available to them. At the end of the day, schools will have identified the key messages for their school from the data sets.


We will look at :

- Comparing Data From 2016 to 2019

- Mapping and Monitoring Progress and Achievement

- Changes to the Data Set

- Using Filters and Built-in Tools

- Helping Governors / Trustees Understand the Data

- How To Find The ‘Headline Data’

- Identifying Strengths And Weaknesses

- Becoming Familiar With The New Tools

- Ofsted Expectations


The New Year 4 Multiplication Tests

The DfE says that "From June 2020, all pupils at the end of year 4 in England will take an online multiplication tables check (MTC). The national curriculum specifies that pupils at this stage should be able to recall the multiplication tables up to and including 12x12. The check aims to support pupils to master multiplication skills, which are essential for future success in mathematics. It will help to identify pupils who have not yet mastered this mathematical concept, so additional support can be provided."


We will look at :

- what to expect from the tests

- preparing for the tests : how ?

- how the data will be used

- what will ASP include in the future ?


Marking & Assessment

For years now, schools have placed a great amount of emphasis on marking and assessing pupils work. But how do we know that it is having any real impact ?


We will look at :

- what research shows us about marking and assessment

- what approaches are shown to work more effectively

- marking approaches that differ for careless mistakes and


- does marking everything reduce the impact it has ?

- how marking linked to targets can make a real difference to pupil progress

- how should pupils respond to marking

- should we mark less ?

- what is effective and what isn’t ?

- do dialogic and triple marking approaches

  have any benefits ?

- what is marking up and marking forward ?

- effective feedback principles

- written versus verbal feedback

- reducing workload

- difference between mistakes and errors

- how do we effectively address misunderstandings ?




Venues and Dates for 2019 :

Fees are set at £245 per person (plus VAT) - discounts available for larger bookings.


Tues 10th December '19                      Thursday 12th December '18

Central London                                    Central Birmingham


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