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CARE 1st ...

The NEW Primary School First-Aid Recording and Reporting System

(Fully GDPR Compliant)


One of the most challenging aspects of GDPR compliance is that of pupil first-aid records. We know that we need to keep them, we know that we need to let parents know what has happened and what to watch out for, but we also need to keep the information confidential and in line with the GDPR requirements.


We have been working to address this issue in

a way that meets the requirements of the GDPR,

is simple for schools to manage and fulfils the

expectations of parents.


We’d like to introduce you to CARE 1st.


The system is based around a 12” Windows

Tablet with a docking base and keyboard.

The principle is that you enter every accident

 onto the CARE 1st database on the tablet.

Once entered, you can have the record sent

 by e-mail (where networks allow) as well as

having the record printed out for the child to

take home. The system allows you to :

     - upload names, classes, DOB etc from

        SIM’s (or other MIS system)

     - record the type of incident

     - print out a receipt (record of the treatment

       for parents)

     - analyse the nature of incidents and accidents

     - keep a copy of the records for future ease

        of reference

     - easily update records and data (such as

       adding a new pupil)

     - automatically issue the correct guidance related

       to the incident (e.g. concussion advice for a bang on the head)

     - It’s GDPR compliant because :

         - you can lock away the tablet after each session

         - data is backed up on a linked SD Card OR on your network

         - data is encrypted on the device

         - password or finger-print log in

         - easily searchable


So, what’s the cost of the system ?

The cost of the system is £1200 (plus VAT).

This price includes

          - the 12” Windows Tablet

          - dock / keyboard

          - receipt printer

          - MS licence for three years

          - CARE 1st Software licence for three years

          - 20 rolls of thermal paper for printer

The Image To The Right Shows What The Treatment Notification Record Can Be Like ...

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To Download



Want To Order Your Set ?


If you want to go ahead and place an order for this set of equipment, please complete the online order form which you can access by clicking here :


Once we have received your form we will be in touch with you to begin the process of building the set-up for your school. We require a £700 deposit (plus VAT) when your order is accepted. This deposit is required as your 'set up' is bespoke to you and cannot be easily amended. The balance of £500 (plus VAT) is due for payment when the  equipment is installed.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at :




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CARE 1st ...
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