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Primary Leadership Essentials

We have become increasingly aware that schools are finding both time and money a challenge. This has led to less and less people attending professional development courses. Following on from comments we have received from course attendees we have developed a new one day course that addresses the four essentials facing schools this term : Analyse School Performance 2019, Staff Well-being, Curriculum Review & Development and the Revised Inspection Schedule.


In just one day we will cover :


1. Analyse School Performance 2019

We will provide support for schools in accessing this years data, as well as becoming familiar with all the tools they have access to. The course will take participants through the updated data tool, allowing them to identify (and become familiar with) the tools available to them. At the end of the day, schools will have identified the key messages for their school from the data sets.


We will look at :

- Comparing Data From 2017 to 2019

- Mapping and Monitoring Progress and Achievement

- Changes to the Data Set

- Using Filters and Built-in Tools

- Helping Governors / Trustees Understand the Data

- How To Find The ‘Headline Data’

- Identifying Strengths And Weaknesses

- Becoming Familiar With The New Tools

- The Links To The Inspection Dashboard

- Revised Ofsted Expectations


2. Staff Well-being

The revised inspection schedule places a strong level of responsibility on heads / senior

leaders to manage the well-being of their staff.


Our course will help you to :

- Identify and clarify the expectations

- Evaluate what you do now and identify the impact

- Knowing your staff and what motivates them

- strategies for addressing staff wellbeing from a whole-school perspective with particular

reference to reducing workload, managing stress and supporting teachers in challenging circumstances


3. Reviewing Your Curriculum

We will look at :

- What is the curriculum quality model ?

- What are the proposed revised inspection judgements on curriculum ?

- What is a broad and balanced curriculum now ?

- What does a good curriculum look like ?

- Skills based ? Knowledge based ? Which one is right for you ?

- The link between the schools 'ideals' and what happens in the classroom

- How has the school balanced high standards with breadth ?

- How has the school responded to local issues in it’s curriculum ?

- How is progression tracked in ALL subjects ?

- Does the curriculum promote social mobility ?

- Is SMSC and British Values an integral part of the curriculum (woven into) rather than simply ‘ an add on’ ?

- How is personal development planned ?

- What makes your curriculum stand out ?

- How do you teach the full curriculum and not just the assessment criteria ?


4. The Revised Inspection Schedule

From September 2019, OFSTED revised their inspection schedule, bringing it up to date with regards

to some significant changes in schools - namely, the re-focus on the curriculum and the revised Analyse

School Performance website.


Our course will look at :

- the revised inspection schedule (key changes)

- what is a quality curriculum ?

- the new judgements

- how is well-being assessed  ?

- how will the changes affect us ?

- how will the GDPR implementation be assessed ?

- what impact could it have on your inspection grading ?

- how will Analyse be used to judge performance

              (especially as it now covers a three year period of the new test arrangements)

- how can we use Analyse to identify issues in preparation ?

- what are the changes in relation to assessment expectations ? how will we fare against them ?

- how will our curriculum be judged ?

  how can we demonstrate that we have developed a relevant and beneficial

  curriculum that reflects our local needs ?

- getting ready for the next inspection

- the changing expectations of Governors

- key performance indicators for revised inspection grades


Course Details

Places are now bookable via the links below. The course is priced at £295 (Plus VAT). Book by the 10th October and get it for only £245 (Plus VAT). Book two or more places and save a further 10%.


Central London : Tuesday 26th November 2019

(Quaker Centre, Euston Road)


Central Birmingham : Tuesday 3rd December 2019

(etc. venues, Maple House)


Central Manchester : Thursday 5th December 2019

(Townhouse Hotel, Portland Street)


Participants Receive Copies of These Three Publications - Worth Nearly £300 Alone

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