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Our Support for GDPR

As a company we provide Data Protection Officer services to over 20 schools. Through that work we have developed a range of materials to support schools in putting the GDPR in place.


We can offer :

- a range of materials to support your implementation

- support for your DPO

  (short term, long term, ad-hoc basis, one day training etc.)

- short term implementation of expectations


We can provide advice and information on the following aspects :

   - the GDPR principles and definitions

   - data protection policies

   - e-safety and data

   - retntion of documents

   - managing data breaches

   - the role of the DPO

   - new employee induction

   - training for key roles (office staff, SENCO, Safeguarding Staff)

   - GDPR and personal devices

   - recruitment and the GDPR (incl application forms)

   - parental data consent

   - what is confidential and what isn't

   - statement of expectations

   - privacy statement for staff

   - staff leavers data agreement

   - student / work placements and the GDPR

   - CCTV

   - encryption

   - use of images (photographs, video etc)

   - websites and the GDPR

   - contracts and SLA's

   - privacy impact statements

   - managing staff data

   - social media and the GDPR

   - telephone calls and the GDPR

   - managing a Subject Access Request

   - managing a Data Amendment Request



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