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The GDPR Final Steps ...

Over the last 12 months, we have been producing resources, materials, INSET and courses to schools throughout the UK. These have been very warmly welcomed, and much praised by attendees.


To date, our materials and courses, have been focused on three key aspects of the GDPR : (1) understanding the scope and nature (2) identifying the initial expectations and delivering them (c) working towards compliance.


Our new publication takes you through the next steps of implementing the GDPR in full and ensuring compliance in readiness for the future (especially for inspection purposes).


In it, we look at the following aspects of the GDPR in schools :


- making referrals to the ICO : when, what do I tell them, do I refer all breaches ?

  what will the process be ? what can I expect from the ICO

- staff privacy notices - what should they contain ? when should they be issued ?

- dealing with subject access requests

- what is personal data (Plus handling subject access requests for e-mails - can they be b

  requested ?)

- staff employment : the GDPR from advertising to interviewing to appointments (and the potential

  pitfalls at each stage)

- protocols for dealing with incidents and requests

- how to transfer, share or handle personal data using e-mail, post and other methods

- is compensation really a possibility ? if so, how much ?

- visitors to school and the GDPR

- data transfer request protocols


                        and many other issues that are now becoming evident in schools ...


This, like our previous documents, comes with a whole range of downloadable resources and materials. We guarantee our pack will give you all the information to effectively 'bed down' the GDPR in your school and ensure that you are compliant.


Order your pack today at just £80 (Plus VAT and Postage).


Comes With A Range of Downloadable


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