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Over the last few months we have worked with over 200 schools in England,

helping them to prepare for the arrival of the GDPR when it becomes law on the

25th May 2018. In particular, our courses have been extremely well received, with comments like this :  "This is one resource not to miss. I was dreading dealing
with all of this, but the pack helped me to really get ready for it. I got loads of different forms and documents, to cover all eventualities.

A real gem of a pack. Thank You !."  - Headteacher, Oldham


However, we are aware that many schools struggle to find the time to attend

courses. As such, we have combined all our knowledge and skills and

produced this pack to support you.


The pack contains :

- Full background information on the GDPR

- whole school data and privacy statement

- e-safety and data policy

- Readiness checklist and assessments

- DPO job description and suitability checklist

- Advice on managing the nine rights

- One year implementation plan

- Operational protocols for

            - amendments requests

            - erasure requests

            - data breaches

- Templates including :

            - data audits

            - data scoping exercises

            - letters to suppliers

            - data request responses

            - privacy impact assessments

- Training presentations

            - for teaching staff

            - for non-teaching / support staff

            - for governors and trustees


..... plus much more !


We assure you that this pack will provide you with everything you need to be ready for the GDPR. We know it will because hundreds of schools have already told us !


As well as printed version, purchasers will get access to a complete set of digital versions of the materials, so allowing you to adapt them to your circumstances.


You can purchase one of these packs for just £90 (Plus VAT and postage).


To order yours follow this link :


Pack Also Includes

A3 Data Management Posters


Pocket Guides


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