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Our new Marking and Assessment Pack helps schools reflect on their own practice, identify

what works and what does not, plus providing a range of new and simple to implement strategies.


The publication covers the following aspects :


- why mark ?

- what effect does feedback have ? is it all positive ?

- variations between oral and written feedback and their impact

- the use of triple impact marking : possible benefits and disadvantages

- how many errors do we focus on ? Is there a maximum or optimum minimum?

- the difference between corrections and feedback

- treating different types of wrong answer differently

- does time matter in relation to feedback ? does frequency matter ?

- MMM Marking

- quantity versus quality

- the danger of using marking just to provide evidence of intervention

- the eight building blocks of effective feedback

- the impact of dialogic marking

- can we reduce teacher workload without affecting achievement

- the impact of target setting and feedback : the evidence showing the impact

 of short (day to day) and long term (more than two week) targets

- the value of fine-grained, qualitative targets

- what research shows us about pupils views of feedback and marking

- what if we just stopped marking altogether ? what impact on outcomes ?

- developing a ‘hard thinking’ strategy and approach in your school

- marking in the moment

- minimal marking

- marking conferences

- front-end feedback

- register feedback

- strategic sampling

- where next for your school ?


As well as a printed version, purchasers will get access to a complete set of digital versions of the materials, so allowing you to adapt them to your circumstances.


You can purchase one of these packs for just £75 (Plus VAT and postage).


To order yours follow this link :


Marking Pack ...

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