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We are pleased to announce our new MINDSETS : Resources & Simple Guide Pack. We have produced a pack to support the implementation of the MINDSETS work developed by Carol Dweck. This pack contains posters, information sheets, classroom materials and a simple explanation of what exactly MINDSETS are and how they can make a difference in your school.


Themes covered include :

- Fixed Mindsets v Growth Mindsets

- The Power of YET

- Barriers to Growth Mindsets

- How We Learn

- Developing Resiliency

- Important Psychosocial Skills

- Help Your Brain To Grow

- Moving from Fixed to Growth Mindset

- Setting Mindset Goals

- Failure and How To Deal With It

- Linking Things Together (Making Connections)

- Great Failures in History

- Parents Guide to Developing a Growth Mindset

.... and much more


The pack comes with a CD containing all the materials in a PDF format so that they can be reproduced within the school as needed.


This is what they have said about this resource :

"Really helped me begin to develop the right mindset in my staff and parents. It was simple to understand and easy to implement - with some great results." - Headteacher, Devon


"Great value - easy to understand - clear and simple. Essential for schools." - Deputy Headteacher, Lincolnshire




Resource CD

Copies of this pack are available to order now at just £75.00.


You can order your copy online here :









Official purchase orders also welcome from relevant organisations.




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